The Parish Family - Anna, Emma, Chris and Ellen


  Anna, Emma, Chris and Ellen Parish

Anna Emma

Anna and Emma

Anna and Emma are two bright, intelligent and strong ten and twelve years old girls who live outside Flagstaff, Arizona with their parents Ellen and Chris Parish. They spend most of their days outdoors doing what they are most passionate about, spending time with their animals, in nature and with each other. Both of them are curious and very creative. They have a strong love for life and their enthusiam is contagious. Anna and Emma have a lot of strength and energy, they both work with determination and motivation on their projects. Many of their projects involve Roots and Shoots activities with their mother and going with their father to work with the California Condors.


Chris Parish

Chris N. Parish

Chris N. Parish was raised in Buttonwillow, California near the historical range of the remnant California Condor population in the southern San Joaquin Valley.  After a brief introduction to the wildlife of the desert foothills, he moved on to school at Northern Arizona University obtaining a B.S. in Biology with emphasis on Fish and Wildlife Management.  After working on the Black Footed Ferret Reintroduction Program for the Arizona Game and Fish Department, he transferred to the Flagstaff Regional Office as Condor Project Coordinator in 1997.  Since fall 2000, he has been directing the condor project’s field effort for The Peregrine Fund. Chris and his wife Ellen, have two beautiful daughters, Emma and Anna.  They can often be found together exploring the wilds of the four corners' region while tracking condors. All images of the Parish family and the Condors belong to Chris Parish.


Ellen Parish

Ellen Parish

Ellen has been living in Northern Arizona since 1991. After graduating from Northern Arizona University with a BA, she opened her own art studio creating handmade, functional, pieces inspired by the beauty of Northern Arizona and also worked as a field biologist. She is a leader of Flagstaff Roots and Shoots, Jane Goodall’s community service organization for children. Ellen can often be found leading kids in a variety of outdoor activities to benefit their local community. Her passion for the outdoors and healthy living has lead to her involvement in the "local food" movement. Ellen is the mother of Anna and Emma and wife to Chris Parish.


Condor photo copyright Chris Parish